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Joe VanDervoort
I’ve practiced law for more than 40 years. My specialties have always been cases involving drugs, DUIs, criminal defense, and the justice system. I know the justice system and I know where you can go for other kinds of help.
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Geoff Dulebohn
As an attorney, I am committed to preserving and enhancing civil rights in California and the United States. In the words of the venerable Ben Franklin, “Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.”
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We specialize in
  • Drug Cases
  • DUI Cases
  • Felony Cases
  • Misdemeanor Cases
How We Can Help

We can help you with arrests for a wide range of drug and drug related charges. Because of the possibility of drug cases being on your record forever, requiring you to submit to various programs, waive your rights to search and seizure, and the possibility of jail or state prison, it is imperative you speak to an attorney immediately and not waive your rights.

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Before You Hire

1. Don’t represent yourself and don’t discuss your case. Don’t sign anything and don’t waive your rights.

2. An attorney who lives and practices where you are arrested has a great advantage.

3. Use an experienced local attorney who specializes.

4. Never hire an attorney by the hour. Criminal cases at our office are on a written flat fee basis.

5. In misdemeanor cases, if you have a private attorney you are never required to go to court.

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Drug Cases

Facing Drug Charges? We deal with all kinds of Drug Cases. Remember California Drug Law, diversion and Prop 36 can open Alternative Sentencing options for you. Our defense attorneys thoroughly understand Prop 36 and can explain what it means for you and your case.
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Felonies including:
Possession for Sale
Manufacturing of Drugs
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Misdemeanors including:
Under the Influence
Prescription Drugs
DEJ/Drug Treatment
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Illegal Drug DUIs including:
Cocaine/Crack Cocaine
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