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This office specializes in drug defense for drug-related cases, DUI cases, and other felony and misdemeanor cases. We can help you with arrests for a wide range of drug and drug related charges. Because of the possibility of drug cases being on your record forever, requiring you to submit to various programs, waive your rights to search and seizure, and the possibility of jail or state prison, it is imperative you speak to an attorney immediately and not waive your rights.

There are some recent changes in the law that affects drug cases, but it does not do away with their seriousness. It does not do away with the fact that if you join a program and you do not know what you are doing, you may have probation officers and/or law enforcement officers coming into your house, or work, or pulling you over without probable cause, day or night, and making you submit to tests. The case law is severely limiting the application of Prop 36, which is similar to a diversion program. Cases involving drugs often have DUIs or other charges not involving drugs attached, so you can be denied Prop 36, which is very common.

Some people think all drug cases are subject to probation, which is not true. Some people believe all drug charges will be expunged from their record when they complete probation, if they do, which is untrue. If you are a college student, the government can and will deny you financial aid if convicted of certain drug charges.

The sentiment of the voters was shown in the elections in the year 2000 wherein the voters overwhelmingly voted to approve marijuana for use as a medicine. Irrespective of some local “cow” counties’ refusal to implement the law, and the feds’ denial of its constitutionality, it shows that juries, legislatures, and even some prosecutors, and Judges, who have to run for re-election, may be weary about pushing the drug button too fast and will start concentrating on spousal abuse, cases involving firearms, and more “popular” cases, such as DUI, for the public and media. All cases are political. All cases are prosecuted so that Judges and prosecutors will not have to practice law, and will only be prosecuted as long as prosecuting them gets them re-elected. The same holds true for law enforcement and the courts.

If you have a drug case, it is essential that you talk to a private lawyer immediately before discussing the matter with anybody else. Drug defense law is probably one of the most intricate areas of criminal law procedurally, particularly with the new laws, with which most lawyers are unfamiliar. It is important that you immediately see a lawyer before formal charges are filed, as often an attorney can discuss the matter with the prosecutor and see that felony charges are not filed.

Remember, court appointed attorneys are just that; they are appointed by the same government that pays the district attorney’s office to prosecute you. They usually failed in private law.

There are many defenses to drug related cases, such as issues of search and seizure, credibility of witnesses, the illegality or legality of police and undercover agents. Most drug cases involve “snitches” who are paid by the government through money or plea bargains for charges pending against them, and those types of witnesses usually do not hold up well in court.

This office has specialized in criminal law, including drug cases and DUIs, for in excess of 40 years.


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